Hotels and Lodges in the Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands, a paradisiacal destination with luxury lodging options on Contadora Island, relaxation on Saboga Island and elegance on San José Island.

How to get to the Pearl Archipelago?

The Pearl Islands, 48 km from Panama, is a tropical destination with white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. With 39 islands and 100 islets, it offers relaxation, underwater wonders, and three transportation options: ferry, yacht, or private flight.

Whale Watching in Pearl Islands

Discover the Pearl Archipelago in Panama: dolphin and whale watching, virgin beaches. A fascinating marine experience with luxury accommodation options.

Whale Watching in Panama

Panama offers whale and dolphin watching in its waters. Its privileged geographical position and conservation measures make this experience a natural wonder and environmental awareness.

How to Get to Contadora Island?

Discover Contadora Island, a tropical paradise with dream beaches and fascinating marine life. Arrive by ferry from Panama City or nearby islands, take a private flight, or charter a yacht.

Discover the Pearl Islands: A Natural Paradise in Panama

Discover the little-known natural paradise of the Pearl Islands in Panama. With crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, it offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and is home to a fascinating variety of marine species. Ideal for nature lovers.

Sport Fishing in Panama: A Guide to the Top Fish Species You Can Catch

Mahi Mahi (Coryphaena Hippurus) The mahi mahi, also known as dorado, is one of the most sought after fish in sport fishing due to its ferocity and the intense battle it presents at the time of capture. The high season for its capture in Panama runs from April, during the rainy months, to November. This […]

What to do in Buenaventura Golf & Beach Resort Panamá?

Buenaventura is located in Farallón, Coclé province, just 90 minutes from Panama City. It is the most luxurious and elegant beach project in Panama. In it we can find: elegant condominiums, 3 kilometers from coastline, luxury villas, hotel and spa, golf courses, 8 restaurants, equestrian club, zoo, marina, children’s parks, water activities, chapel, rentals, property […]