How to Get to Contadora Island?

Discover Contadora Island, a tropical paradise with dream beaches and fascinating marine life. Arrive by ferry from Panama City or nearby islands, take a private flight, or charter a yacht.

Discover the impressive tourist attractions of Contadora Island and choose the perfect way to get there

Contadora Island, located in the Las Perlas archipelago in Panama, is a true tropical paradise that offers a wide range of tourist attractions. With its dream beaches, crystal clear waters and rich marine life, this small island has become a desired destination for nature lovers and travelers in search of relaxation and luxury. If you are planning to visit Contadora Island, here you will find a variety of exciting ways to get there and enjoy all its charms.

One of the main attractions of Contadora Island are its beautiful beaches. From the stunning Playa Larga to the intimate Playa Cacique, each offers an idyllic setting for lounging, sunbathing, and swimming in turquoise waters. You can relax on the white sand while you enjoy the panoramic views or venture to dive and discover the colorful underwater world.

In addition to its beaches, Isla Contadora is famous for whale and dolphin watching. During certain seasons, these majestic marine mammals visit the waters near the island, giving visitors the chance to witness an impressive spectacle. Whale and dolphin watching tours are an unforgettable experience that will allow you to admire these fascinating creatures up close in their natural environment.

If you are looking for aquatic adventures, Isla Contadora will not disappoint you. You can snorkel or scuba dive and marvel at the abundant marine life that inhabits the surrounding waters.

In addition to its natural charms, Contadora Island offers a selection of amenities for visitors. You can find luxury resorts with every imaginable comfort, as well as cozy boutique hotels that will provide you with an intimate and relaxing stay. The island has excellent restaurants that offer delicious local and international cuisine, and you can enjoy a wide variety of fresh seafood dishes.

Now, let’s talk about the different ways to get to Contadora Island. You have three options to choose from according to your preferences and budget.

The first and cheapest option is to take a ferry from Flamenco Marina:

The second and fastest option is a private flight from Albrook Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport (IATA: PAC, ICAO: MPMG):

The third and last option is to rent a private boat and take a tour or charter to Isla Contadora: